1. Holy Spirit as a Person

Can Holy Spirit be said as a personal? It’s hard to find a definition of a personal being. But what is usually said to be a person is one who owns thought, feeling and will.  An object cannot be called as a person, because it is not a one being that owns thought, feeling and desire. A person is independent and is not bound by anyone and anything. A person can make decisions without being forced or arranged by any party. Thus an entity is called a person if the entity maintains own sovereignty. In the Bible there are lots of information and explanation that Holy Spirit has a mind, feeling and will. This is evident in some of the information that is written in the Bible that Holy Spirit holds a determination.1 The text says that Holy Spirit distributes gifts. Here it appears that Holy Spirit has the authority to give that power.

The Holy Spirit has mind.2 This text says that Holy Spirit searches. The word “search” in the original text is ereunao (ἐρευνάω) which also means to investigate thoroughly to obtain a precise and detailed result. In this investigation activity, it requires an intelligent mind. The Holy Spirit owns this intelligence. In the Bible it also says that the Holy Spirit has the knowledge and searches all things, even the deep things of God.3 If this verse is not understood properly, it can lead to misinterpretation, as if Holy Spirit can untie from God so that He intervenes against God Himself. But the truth is that Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God the Father or goes out from God the Father. To clarify the above case, we should pay attention to 1 Corinthians 2:11, which read: “For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.” The word own spirit in this verse does not mean a spirit that can disentangle from man. But human spirit always comes together with one’s personal being. The difference with God, Spirit of God can be in attendance everywhere without the presence of God the Father. But man cannot, where there is human spirit there also is his personal being.

Many verses in the Bible often states that the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit is grieved. Holy Spirit can be grieved, this means that He has feeling.4 In this regard the Bible also clearly shows that Holy Spirit can be blasphemed. 5 Speaking about the blasphemy to Holy Spirit actually further clarifies the fact concerning the Triune God, that Holy Spirit is the only representation of God that pervades the universe and that works in human’s heart, while God the Father and God the Son are in heaven.

The Holy Spirit also does many things like a person does and acts; i.e. He guides people into all truth.6 In this text, the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth. This is in accordance with His function; The Holy Spirit leads people to believe in all truth.   Holy Spirit will prove someone the wrong about sin and righteousness,7 Holy Spirit also helps us to pray.8 The most powerful work when Spirit of God or Holy Spirit overshadowed human especially Mary in this regard so as to conceive and gave birth to Messiah.9 There are more acts of Holy Spirit revealed by the Bible, all these show that He is a sovereign being. Nothing is set up and control of Holy Spirit, because Holy Spirit reins Himself. It is then hard to deny that the Holy Spirit is not a personal being, when viewed from His existence which has thought, feeling and will as well as His sovereignty.

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