8. The Giant to be defeated

The biggest boundary of applying the right rule of life is our own or “me”. “Me” means our characters and all almost-permanent philosophies which have been built through the long journey of life. There is a desire inside us that flows through our flesh, such as the flesh desires like eating, drinking, and sex. It is going to be difficult to release the flesh desires, once someone has already been tied in it. The flesh desire which contradict with God’s norm, will always force the person to satisfy it. It is like drugs which make the user get addicted to it.

There are a lot of desires which are rooted in us until it becomes such a drug. If the soul usually feed with all its desires, then it will ask more and more to be satisfied by all its desires. Thismakes people captivated in one desire to another desire. Generally, people see these things as normal things. They let themselves to sail in the ocean of life with all their desires, and dreams. Thus, God will never have a place in their life. Many Christian people are in this condition, but they think that they are normal Christian people. They think that they are polite people in society; however, they are not polite in God’s sight.

The giant who drives all of our life is us. Normally, people are captivated by themselves which have been built through their life in past. The past refers to the world upbringing and all its philosophy which do not make the people to think intelligently to understand the wills of Father. Thus, the Word of God says to put off our old self, to be made new in the attitude of your minds.1Who we are today is the product of the long story of our life which included physic, emotions, feelings, and all of our life. Those things create an individual, it is us. If we still live in such individual, so we will never have the rule of life like what God wants. It means he never becomes children of God like Lord Jesus. If it happens on and on, then God will never find a personality of His children in us. He can only find our own personality which is really far away from His standard.

We are the giants that should be defeated to totally death. It means this world cannot affect too much for our life. This thing might happen, if only we are able to control and defeat ourselves. If we cannot do that, then this world will defeat ourselves. That means the person will be the same with this world, and also the salvation in them will be useless at all, or in other words they actually do not receive the salvation. The concern of church ministry should be on defeating the giants of each congregation. We have to defeat our own giant until it totally dies, not only pass out for a moment, then raises again in another time. When someone act as well-behaved and right person only in outer, that is what we call as the giant only passes out for a moment. It is because his spirit or inner has not been really changed. Their inner behavior will show up again in action and decision that do not align with God’s wills. This is the calling for denying themselves and taking up their cross.2The original text for the word “deny” is aparnesasto (ἀπαρνησάσθω) with the adverb of time of imperative aorist middle deponent 3rd person singular. This means a command for each individual. The meaning of “denying themselves” is to change the way of thinking from son of this world which do not know the truth.

1) Ephesians 4:21-23 ;   2) Matthew 16:24

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