2014 December 6: The Entire Life Journey

Actually, what determines “someone’s eternal fate.” is not just the end of his life, but also the beginning, middle and the entire of his journey of life. We must not think that the start and the middle of the journey are not really important. Most of people think the end of life journey is the one that determines someone’s destiny of eternity or his situation in the eternity. Precisely, it must be understood that the beginning of the journey of someone’s life dominantly would determine the direction of life. So, education since childhood is very important to determine the direction of the child in the future. Moreover, in this world today is really full of deviation through any kinds of media. Since childhood and teenage through any kinds of media, their thought arefilled with a lot of life philosophies which do not fit with the truth of the Gospel. Actually all time we have is the chance for preparing the coming of the Great Judge. This means every time someone has to be ready facing God to give account of all his life in the world (2Cor. 5:9-10).

 Therefore we must indeed value our time because it’s a very limited grace. To understand how precious time is, we must learn the word ‘time’ in Greek. In Greek, there are some of words which can be translated into “time” in English.

 First is hora (Greek, ώρα). This word refers to time in the meaning of the duration (its length and shortness). We must notice the duration of our time is so limited. Because the limitation of time allocated from God, we must seriously value available time (John 9:4; Eph. 5:16). In this duration could be divided into several periods or seasons. In the original text, it’s called epokhe (εποχή). In general meaning we familiarly know they are childhood, teenage, young adult, old and seniors. In every period, God knows how to process someone to become perfect as He is.

 Second world is kronos (Greek,χρόνος). Kronos means time in definition of sequences. This word has become chronology in English. Within God’s wisdom, God has planned everything beautifully. God’s plan is like student’s curriculum which is designed so the student can graduate with great quality. God designs a lot of events in perfect order every day to mature believers. It’s obvious that God works in everything bring in goodness to the believers (Rm. 8:28).

 Then the third word is kairos(Greek, καιρός) means momentum. There is precious time and really meaningful in this life when God works on someone. If this momentum has passed, then he may never have the same opportunity. Like Esau who wasted his available chance, so he lost precious momentum forever (Hebrew 12:16-17). God knows what momentums would effectively build someone in certain situation. This trend can also be said as time corresponds to the trend, which in Greek translated from phora (φορά).

These words indicate that the entire of journey of life is important. Not only the beginning, but also all hora (duration), kronos (sequences of event) and kairos (momentum or opportunity) are important, which God provides for believers for their process to maturity. By this, we have to see how precious every second of our time.

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