August 6: Thirst of God

The thirst of God has levels. The level can be unlimited, from the weak level until the strong one. The level of thirst of God cannot easily be recognized. Even many people do not know   the level of their thirst of God in their life. Many Christians who clearly known that their eyes of heart still not opened to the truth of God’s Word  so that they have not known that there is thirst in him. Besides, their mind is still filled with the worldly thought. Their thirst is focused on worldly things. If he doesn’t change the direction of his soul’s thirst soon, he will be lost until to the point of no return to God anymore.


A person who is like the above one, has not realized that this world is not a permanent home for believers. It must be understood that believers are people who only temporarily live on this earth. One will enjoy what he can get from this world as much as possible if he has not understood that he is a traveler. It is something normal for him and doesn’t violate God’s will. This means he make himself the same as other people, though actually as a believer, he has the grace of birthright. Believers must be different from those who are not the chosen people to be the heir of God’s Kingdom. Believers are those who are prepared to be glorified together with Lord Jesus. This reality must drive us to dare take firm steps not to be the same with this world (Rom.12:2).


The more someone matures, he will have stonger thirst of God. His love to God grows while he is growing to mature. At a certain degree, he will feel that there is an emptiness in his soul that cannot filled by other things but God. There is a sense that comes and is getting stronger in him to always enjoy God. In this case, someone will be able to realize what it means that God is the living water (John 4:11-14; John 6:35). Actually, the thirst like this has been known by God’s lovers in the Old Testament (Ps.42:3; 63:2; 143:6). Of course the people of the New Testament will get more satisfaction if they really drink the living water of God. And Lord Jesus Christ is the only Living Water.

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