2015 January 5: Dangerous Enemy

We often hear people say about life as the winners overcome the world. What does that mean to live as the winner overcome world? To overcome the world doesn’t mean they can prevent themselves from the difficulties of life as told by many priests and preacher nowadays. According to their point of view, which actually is not appropriate, the victory marked with some of these things: always quickly resolve the problem, the problem can be passed if it can be avoided by the power of God, financially sufficient or even excessive, life without lack of facilities, respected or not being demeaned by surrounding people, became a member of the community that ruled other members of society, notably in the areas of life that struggled by human, political, economic, social, science and more. This concept is wrong and can be misleading. Because of this many Christians do not understand how to live life to their Christianity.

When carefully observed, not a few of Christians became frustrated and blames themselves due to their life situation which they thought or seen as failure, (failure) because their situation is inverse of the victorious concept as stated on top. Because having situation not as expected, plus withwrongconcept of victorious, then not a few of Christians murmur and blame God in their heart/mind when they meet such a difficult situation. This group complained, and said: why is God not fair? Why does God give the victory to others but not to give the victory to me? This grumbleis like grumble of Israel when they were in the wilderness. They don’t understand the purpose of God led them into the wilderness. It seems they prefer to keep stay in Egypt, even if perhaps God destroy Egypt and handed over the land of Egypt to them so they can enjoy the land of Egypt and not have to go to Canaan.1

To find the correct understanding of what it means to be winner overcomes this world, we need to know/find first who is our enemy. How can we speak of victory if we do not understand who is our enemies?The Bible shows that our enemy is dark power or the devil.2 But need to be examined carefully with smart that the harm of the devil in the life of the believer is not only when Devil is ruining the economy, health, life facility and invade with a variety of other living problem; but when he put the believers in a good economic condition, healthy body and comfortable circumstances. Precisely that’s what makes Christians lulledwith all manner of mundane desire so that the character of Christ does not grow. This has been enough to make believer drift off into the world to enjoy, so they becomes not really serious to struggle to grow mature like the Lord Jesus in doing the will of the Father. At last, God says to such people: I don’t know you.3

Therefore, believers must be cautious against cunning enemy when he brought believers to condition: good economically, honorable, prosperous, comfortable and “materially need nothing”-ness. With this state of the believer should not drift into this world euphoria. Good condition with all abundance of material is the opportunity to be used for the God sake for the service (His work) to save souls; how the Gospel is preached and taught to many people so they know the truth so that they become the corpus delicti. Condition of good life is the distinctive rights of the believer to be able to serve the Lord without distraction.

1) Exodus 16:3    2) Ephesians 6:12; 1Peter 5:8   3) Matthew 7:21-23   

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