August 5: Anchored in God

Many Christians feel that they have anchored in God, though actually they have not at all. They just anchor themselves in church but not in God. Anchoring in God basically means that we anchor in God’s heart. This is a biggest matter in our Christianity life. Have we had a place in God’s heart or have we put our heart in God? It must be understood that not all Christians have had a place in God’s heart as His lover or bride. All people can have a place in God’s heart as His children. But not many Christians really strive to put themselves in God’s heart. They don’t really put God in their hearts because their hearts are already filled with various worldly desires to own and enjoy the beauty of this world. Basically this people do not anchor in God. Only those who anchor in God that have a place in His heart.


Actually, there are not many people who have the opportunity to know God the Father and get into the fellowship with Him. Those who have the opportunity to know God are the brave Christians who dare anchor their life in God with a belief that He is their place of rest (Matt.11:28-29). Anchoring in God is not a matter of becoming a Christian who only should go to church or becoming a church activist. Anchoring in God is not just becoming a pastor. It is a matter of heart or inner thing. Anchoring in God is the willingness to have nothing and anyone except God Himself. Anchoring in God is the willingness to have no interest or joy except being with God only.


One who anchors in God is a person who always strive to do what God wills. All things done for the God’s sake. God will surely guide on how to enjoy all we have without hurting God’s feeling. Those who anchor in God will continuously urge to be able to have a real experience with the unseen God, to become real in his life. For him the world is really only a temporary place. He can liven the real soul of a traveler.

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