August 4: Great Opportunity

After learning God’s Word a lot that becomes the foundation or base for someone to have fellowship with God, he should dare seek God and spend time as much as possible to meet Him every day. There must be a strong desire, sufficient strength, power, mind, and time to meet God and make the ‘most holy place’ at home. How great is the opportunity and time to always meet God personally and directly every day.


Therefore, there are suggestions that need to be noticed. First, we must seriously have the thirst to always experience God in a special way. Without the thirst of God, the search of God will not last long (only in the beginning). The real thirst of God will bring God’s blessing that make him satisfied. We must first realize that there is an empty space in our soul that can only be filled by God. To know and feel the empty space, one must leave the love of the world and the excessive love ties with people around, included the family.


Second, there must be time considered as “dead time”, meaning that there is no other activities during the time we use to meet God. That time must be willingly designed and provided with joy and full desire. God doesn’t want to meet His children that are not willingly to meet Him. Third, learn to concentrate or focus on God whom we meet. In this case, learning to localize mind and overcome it. Singing and worshipping can help us. Fourth, do not be discouraged if we don’t physically feel God’s presence. In this case, we must learn to “seek God’s presence.” God promises, that He will make those who seek HIm, find Him (Isaiah 45:19; Jer. 29:13). God will surely meet those who earnestly seek Him. Of course we cannot set to encounter God in our ways. We should not expect the spectacular things. Or having standard on how to meet God, and when it doesn’t meet our standard that means God is not present to meet us. God will surely give “the portion of His presence” wisely.

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