2014 December 30: Extraordinary Example

The Lord Jesus is the God who owns all glories, power and honour as the Highest God. He created this earth with all of its contents (John 1:1-3). His willingness to leave His glorious throne was demonstrated in His willingness to be dismantled from all of His rights. In the history of the Lord Jesus’ during His life on this earth where He put on the fleshly body as human, He demonstrated a life which was filled with physical as well as psychological sufferings. These all are the expression of His willingness to be dismantled from His rights. Lord Jesus was despised in the midst of men, this reflects His willingness to lose honour. When Mary began to conceive, Joseph – Mary’s fiancee – suspected that Mary’s pregnancy was a disgrace. Therefore, Joseph resolved to divorce her quietly (Matt 1:18-19). This means that the accusation towards baby Jesus was “an illicit child”. The Son of God would be born under such condition; part of the process of His incarnation had already lost honour, whilst He is the most honourable Personal. Certainly, the Lord had already understood such process, before the incarnation.

In the journey of His life during the three and a half years, He also lost His dignity in the eyes of many Jewish. In one instance, He was said to be out of His mind (Mark 3:21)., He was also accused to have used the power of Beelzebul when He cast out demons (Luke 11:15). From those accusations, Jesus has been alleged as filled by demons. His dignity in the eyes of man, was destroyed when He had to face the trials before Pilates, the High Priests and Herods. The citizen of Jerusalem made painful hoots, that Jesus be crucified. Finally, He was crucified under the allegation of blasphemy and misleading the people to rise against Caesar. He was crucified so that public would see Him as a great convict and was seen as cursed (Gal 3:13). It is very clear that He willingly lost His glory for a certain period. Jesus really lost His reputation, dignity and prestige.

In one conversation, Jesus said: “For who is the greater, one who reclines at table or one who serves? Is it not the one who reclines at table? But I am among you as the one who serves” (Luke 22:27). From such statement, it is clear that Lord Jesus demonstrated His willingness to lose the right of honour He had as God who came from the Highest of the Highest. He also expressed His willingness to lose mankind’s honour by His action when He washed the feet of His disciples in the last supper before undergoing sufferings (John 13). The act of washing feet was really shocking. This attitude where Lord Jesus lowered Himself in such a way, demonstrated that He is a perfect servant. As a model of God’s servant, Paul also demonstrated his humility as a leader who served, he made himself a servant to all because of Christ (1 Cor 9:19). One who wishes to serve the Lord and be a blessing to others, must be willing to be a humiliated servant and losing dignity. The attitudes of Lord Jesus must be the model of attitudes for all His followers. They must be willing to lose dignity in the eyes of man, for the task assigned. In the life of a serving leader, nothing shall be valued more by which he would feel to have the rights to be honoured.

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