3. Death, a Road to Victory

In the Bible we find Satan’s effort to avoid and prevent Lord Jesus from death on the cross. But Lord Jesus in His high integrity remained obedient and faithful to God the Father who had entrusted the mission till death on the cross in order to complete the salvation mission. In the end, even the devil could not prevent Lord Jesus from death. As Satan hurt Job with sickness, Satan also hurt Lord Jesus with torture till Lord Jesus’ death. Dying on the cross meant as the “cursed” hanging on a pole between heaven and earth.1  With His death as the “cursed”, then all curses were lifted or broken.  Thus the death of the Lord Jesus can break any curse (punishment), so that man is freed from all curses.

The death of Lord Jesus on the cross due to His obedience to the Father in heaven was a horrible end for Lucifer.  Because of His obedience till death, this could prove the Devil’s guilt and punishment could be realized. There is a kind of “rule of the game” in the struggle between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness.  If anyone can perfectly carry out the Father’s will, it means Lucifer’s act is provably wrong. This means the devil is defeated and he could be penalized. But if no one can prove it, then Lucifer is not provably incorrect.   This means his victory. Thus Satan could control most or all of the universe, mankind and the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

A man, which was also referred to as the last Adam, who became our Father’s real “champion”, was our Lord Jesus.  He became the venture to fight the fall of Lucifer.  If the Lord Jesus failed, we could then imagine how destructive the universe was. It could be that heaven and earth were in the power of Lucifer. This would mean that Satan could be the bright “Morning Star” meaning that he would have the power both in heaven and on earth. But it turned out that Jesus had won, so all power has been given into His hand.2

The victory of Lord Jesus leads to the privilege of proclaiming the fact that all authority in heaven and on earth is in His hand, and He is the resplendent Morning Star. Since then the Devil cannot survive in heaven as in the days of Job.3  The power of an eternal kingdom has been established, Lord Jesus is the Ruler. Truly thus, the name of Christ (the Anointed One) is legitimate for the Lord Jesus after His death.  So, there is no anointment as Christ on Jesus without His death. In this case the death of the Lord Jesus Christ means so much for heaven and earth; for the inhabitants of heaven, the holy angels and mankind on earth.  Death in this case is the way to the anointment as the Master. (Greek. Kurios).

If Jesus was defeated, it would mean that there was no salvation for His created mankind.  Defeated here meant that Jesus had failed to live in perfect obedience to the Father in heaven.4  If Jesus was not obedient to the Father till death, then He would be defeated or failed.  As a result, Lucifer’s aspiration to be in power equal to God, could be achieved. This has been his desire and this continues to be pursued by the evil elements.  How heavy the burden borne by Lord Jesus in this case.  He must win to become the Lord “for the glory of God the Father” .5 For this, the Lord Jesus had to win to seize the rights as well as the title of the “Morning Star”.

Thus it was obvious that Lord Jesus must experience the fact of death because His death was the road to victory. The death of Lord Jesus was not something that reduced His supremacy as Lord and Savior.  As a question in a spoof: If He was God Himself why could He die? Precisely therein lays His excellence. God had become one hundred percent man that could die. Without His death, there would never be salvation. It cannot be comprehended by those who do not understand the Bible’s version about the ins and outs of salvation;  a version from the true God.

1) Galatians 3:13; 2) Rev. 22:16; 3) Revelation 12: 10-11; 4) Hebrews 2: 9; 5) Philippians 2:11

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