2015 January: Not For Everyone

It is so effortless these days that many Christians claim to be the conquerors.  This is because there are many Christian speakers and worship leaders who convey messages that all those who confess are already the conquerors.  It seems that being conquerors has automatically attached to those claiming to believe in the Lord Jesus.  They are also taught to refer to other fellow Christians in the church as the conquerors.  The irony of all, they do not exactly understand what is meant by the Bible with “more than conquerors”. Of course, this situation makes the Christians accustom to proclaim the phrase in recognition of the matter they themselves do not understand it clearly.  Each Christian can have his own perception, so that there is in fact disarray understanding or conception going unnoticed by many people. This situation should have been recognized by the church so that the church awakens the congregation’s ignorance. But if the church leaders do not understand the truth, then all will be lost. 

If the above continues it will create unintelligent Christians who do not realize their mindless; people who do not understand that they actually don’t understand. They feel they understand what they actually do not understand.  This will build the thought as if each person is entitled to have his own terms and prosperous or comfortable with what he perceives as truth.  It should be recalled that the truth which sets us free.1 If the untruth is recognized as truth and they feel prosperous in the untruth, it means that they park themselves in jail or shackle.  It is like parking ourselves in hell.  Indeed, this situation is a very dangerous deception that must be recognized by the church leaders, so they could anticipate the circumstance.  Sadly, many church leaders feel that they already know the truth, they even feel they already please God as His servants while in fact not yet.  How difficult it is to reawaken them. 

Thus, many Christians have felt more than conquerors on the basis that they believe in the Lord Jesus.  Meanwhile they do not understand the meaning of being true believers.  In general, their belief has just been at a level of believing the “history of the life of Jesus”.  How effortless it is to believe intellectually in our mind activities.  Believing means surrendering ourselves to the will of the object is believed, in this case to the Lord Jesus. True belief indeed means following the footsteps of the Lord Jesus’ life, it means to live like He lived.  If not, it is not yet categorized as believers. Should there be a church as if validating Christians who has believed intellectually as being true believers, the church then is misleading.  It is similar like parking the congregation in hell.  Designation of Christians as believers indeed means that believers should have the behavior like that of the Lord Jesus.  In the end, those who follow the footsteps of Jesus or live like the Lord Jesus will deserve to be called more than conquerors; the Lord Jesus was obedient till death even had died on a cross. Faithfulness to the Father demands betting the entire life.  Therefore believers should not easily claim to be the conquerors and point others as conquerors too.  Victory of a believer is determined by the quality of his life following the Father’s will.

1) John 8: 31-32

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