August 3: Real Experience with God

It is impossible for Abraham to bravely take a step following God faithfully if he has not had a real experience with God. The act of faith done by Abraham must be admitted as  very dare. There are people who will do anything for what they believe, just like a suicide bombing act of a terrorist. Not like Abraham, the terrorists have been “Brain washed” or indoctrinated in such a way that make them dare to do suicide actions.  Other influencing factors such as pride, and considered as God’s “bride”. Hatred also a factor that can drive them to do such horrible things because they think that the target is people who are against the god they believe in and attacking their enemy is like devotion to their God which give them rewards. The bombing suicide actions are also driven by revenge and hurt or jealousy to the target. They are influenced by the examples of other terrorists.


While Abraham, he wasn’t indoctrinated or taught about the knowledge of God like us, he was living in the heathen areal who worship various idols. He left Ur of the Chaldees without any revenge, hurt, jealousy or other motives. He did it because he was obedient to the Elochim Yahweh. There was also no one else who did it before Abraham. One of the reasons he was so brave to do it is because he knew and had real experience with his God. The knowledge and experience were confirmed by his belief to what God said that there was something he hoped for (Heb.11:1). The thing Abraham hoped was the land that has the foundation, planned and built by God Himself. Though until he died, Abraham never saw or entered that land, he believed to God, so that he did not doubt His truth at all. He kept faithful until he died and never returned to Ur of the Chaldees. A man like like this has a real experience with God along his life journey.

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