28. Preparing For Death

As death is a reality that can never be predicted when it happens, we need to prepare for it early. And that always means now. For this, repentance has to be done at this moment, every day and every time we realize of our wrongdoings. Actually this is what is meant by being on guard and praying without halt. It is a relationship with God that is continuously built. A lot of things can be ignored and viewed as unimportant. Anything should be able to be set aside, but for preparation of death it cannot be delayed. This always has to be viewed as the most important and urgent, so we always prioritize to be self-prepared for our death. Consider today as our last day. There is no more chance for tomorrow. So today means a really valuable opportunity to revamp ourselves. Supposedly, we should not let any time pass by without any continuous reform. This is so that we can be more pleasing before God.

If we accustom ourselves to such attitude of life, then we can understand and implement what is expressed as putting first the kingdom of God and His truth. 1 Lord Jesus brought up this verse of Matthew 6:33, relating to God’s call towards believers in this world to only store up treasures in Heaven. Storing up treasures in Heaven is the same as making all the efforts to get our conscience right, which is to have the understandings that come from God’s point of view. 3 This conscience is the treasure that can never be taken by anyone. With this conscience one can serve only God. Thus, we only serve the Lord.4 Many people, whom conscience is not sharpened by the Truth, do not realize they still serve two masters. We only realize this after we are first sharpened by the truth of God’s Words. Previously we feel we have truly lived full time for God, which apparently not yet. Our conscience is the one that will enlighten us to see how pure we are for God. At Paul’s level, we can say we serve God with pure conscience. 5 It means in this life, especially in serving God, we do not have our own agenda. A person who can understand if he has his own agenda or not is the one whose conscience has been enlightened by God. A lot of people feel they have lived for God wholeheartedly and with all their time, which truly they have not. One cannot see for himself the agenda that is hidden deep in his heart.

Supposedly, someone who has become a child of God should live in the governance of God’s kingdom, that is why Our Father Prayer says: Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 6 Therefore, if one does not have a lifestyle that puts first the kingdom of heaven, it means he lives in the power of darkness. We should not assume by failing to do any moral violation, by taking part in serving and even being a pastor means we have definitely lived in the governance of God. Not necessarily! Living in the governance of God is implemented when turning away from his own interests, lusts and pleasure. Keep fighting to understand what God desires in this life and do it wholeheartedly as well as serving God without limit. This is the expensive price for living as children of the Kingdom, which is very different from this world.

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