2014 December 27: Being the Children of God

The salvation from God means God’s action in order to return human to original plan or the original purpose. In order to reflect salvation on human, God gives the right to those who accept Him, to be the children of God (John 1 : 12)  the term of “right” herein is exousia (ἐξουσία) to which is more precise or closer to be defined as a special previlege. It has different meaning with the term of authority in (Acts 1 : 8) the definition of power therein is dunamis (δύναμις). The word dunamis herein comes from the word dynamite. The term to which is more precise or closer to be defined as “power ”. the power that is given to those who accept Him, that is to accept Jesus as the Owner of life (John 1 : 10). The content of the power comprises : First is the redemption. Through out the redemption, one can be God’s possession ( 1 Chorintians 6 : 19-20). Lord Jesus has the power to believers as His disciples (Mathew 28 : 18-20). After all power lies in the hand of Lord Jesus, therefore God gives His Great Commandment. The power of darkness shall bind no more over the righteous, so that they may have their chance to reach perfection like the Father. Thus, Father can mold and make disciples by giving the seal of the Holy spirit.

Secondly is the holy spirit. Basically, salvation is God’s effort to return human to His original paln. In order to be able to return human to His original plan, those who believe must experience the wisdom so that one will understand the will of God comprehensively. Holy spirit is the only Presence of God that is able to provide the skill of the believers to understand God’s will, for what is good, pleasing and perfect (John 16:13; Rome. 12:2 and others). Therefore, human can do anything exactly as expected by God. This is the initial purpose of creating human. Holy spirit as guidance (Yun. Parakletos; παράκλητος)  guiding the believers to God’s righteousness. Without holy spirit salvation, will not be manifested in human’s life.

The third one is the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God  that  saves. The faith which is the fundamental of salvation comes by listening to the word of Christ. Thus, faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17) and the Word Christ is the Gospel. So it is clear and firmed that the Gospel is the facility of salvation (Romans 1 : 16-17). The new birth  basically means the same as the thought enlightenment, this can happen only when there is tool which enlights. In this case, Gospel is the only tool. The  Gospel contains knowledge of God or His Righteousness. Those who own the Gospel shall have Jesus and His salvation. So, should somebody doesn’t understand the Gospel, it means that he will not have Jesus and never experience His salvation.

The fourth is God’s work. This work is a magnificient grace. The tool of salvation, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel are still not  or having less impact without the work of God. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose  (Rome 8:28). Daily live experience is the school of live which processes somebody to walk his salvation. Indeed, it is important that in the original text doesn’t have “follow” like the way it is in Indonesian text.

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