25. Testifying Life

It must be honestly admitted that someone’s success in life happens because of his own achievement, but it can also due to other factors. This thing happens not only among believer communities but also among non-believers. Actually the true God also works in the life of all man because God upholds His justice in the life of all man. The Word of God says that He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.1 So, if someone works hard and is responsible, then he should succeed. In this matter, God upholds His justice that someone reaps what he sows. God also certainly helps the people in need according to His pleasure. This thing does not only happen to Christians but also to all man, because God is also the Creator of all of them. However, all things that happen under the sun is definitely under God’s perfect control and monitoring and all takes place according to God’s outlined law and order. In that case, a believer should accept the fact that God’s presence is not only upon believers as His chosen congregation but also upon all man in all places. God never leaves the work of His hands. God also takes care of all nations in the world, because this world is His creation and He is the Ruler of it. The story of prophet Jonah, who was commanded by God to remind the people of the gentile nation Nineveh to repent in order not to be punished, is an evidence that God also cares for the gentile nation.2 God also loves the nations who are not His chosen congregation.

Talking about the evidence of God’s presence, it is actually not difficult to display it. Orderliness of the universe, climate cycle, oxygen reserves, the distance between the sun and the earth and all natural laws that exist; all of them clearly indicate God’s invisible hands that maintain His creation. Moreover, many other phenomenons that happen under God’s perfect control and monitoring. Therefore, we do not need to exaggerate events that only concerning the fulfillment of physical needs or a lack of high quality experience with God, while people who do not believe in Lord Jesus also experience it. If we also exaggerate testimonies that are lack of high quality, then as a result, our God seems parallel to gods of other faiths. For instance, if someone who wins an award as the best artist is publicly giving thanks to Lord Jesus, then someday when the winner comes from another faith, he can also giving thanks to his god. This would bring an impression that Lord Jesus is equal with gods from other faiths. The issue of obtaining the award is not something that can make the name of God be exalted proportionally according to His greatness, because gods of other faiths are also acknowledged to do so. Worldly achievements as what can be achieved by other people have not made someone to become a witness, but a high morale life can display who we are.

In Romans 8:28 it is written: And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose. This verse wants to show us that every day – even every moment – believers have high quality experiences with God. Such experiences with God that bring impact to their spiritual growth, where believers are transformed to become perfect, which result in the ability to do God the Father’s will and to fulfill His plan. In this case, supposedly a believer can have high quality experiences with God every day, because God unlimitedly provides such opportunity. That growth experience is priceless because of its impact in eternity. Spiritual maturity is characterized by a blameless life. This is a priceless blessing. Physical blessing and healing can only be enjoyed momentarily. This blameless life is what should be our testimony in front of everyone. Lord Jesus says let your good deeds shine before people. In this case we are functioning as light.

1)  Matthew 5:45;  2) Jonah 1-4

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