2014 December 25: The Value of Doing the Father’s Will

JESUS made the statement himself  that only those who do the  Father’s will shall enter into the Kingdom of  Heaven or be saved (Mat. 7 : 21-23). Apparently,  this  is  mandatory that can no longer be bargained anymore. Doing  the Father’s  will is a reaquirement in order to be able to enter into the Kingdom of  God. For the pople of the New Testament, obviously in line with doing the Father’s  will herein, means  to do everthing in accordance with God’s thought and feeling.

However, for the people of the Old Testament, it is enough for them by doing the Laws (Torah). In this case, those who were given more, shall be expected more and those who were given less, shall be expected less. The people of the New Testament is  expected to be able to do God’s will (the New Testament level).  Rejecting this means the same as rejecting the salvation . This does not mean that people can be saved merely by doing deeds. All kind of good deeds will not bring salvation if Lord Jesus did not die on the cross. Doing the will of the Father is a response toward salvation, not the deeds.

Lord Jesus did not forbid people to be around Him in all of  His ministry , but He will prohibit people to  enter  into His Kingdom if they do not do the will of the Father. Just like Judas, who was allowed to be together with Jesus through out  all ministry activities, but when he betrayed Jesus, he perished. Judas persihed not because he had been determined to be perished but he chose to act on his own will. He did not do the Father’s will but more to his own will. The Devil whispered into him to do something that made money and Judas agreed to it that the devil possessed him.

Devil does not forbid somebody to be  radical member of a church,to be  a coordinator  or  a church worker  even being a priest, but devil will try to obstruct and destroy any people who tried to do the Father’s will. The citacion of God which is addressed toward Lord jesus or believing that He was the God, must be followed by a life that doing the Father’s will. Someone is not considered as having recieved Lord Jesu as God if doesn’t do the Father’s will.  It is not enough just receiving Lord Jesus by lips expression only. Doing the Father’s will means not living according to the Law, but rather in all things we do must be in accordance with God’s desire.

The only frightening thing for devil is when believers try to do the Father’s will like the way Jesus did. This means becoming a corpus delicti. As a result, it can also be defined that salvation means doing the Father’s will. Should the Father’s will not be done, then  It is not salvation. In this case, salvation is not without condition to  be achieved by man. Grace does not eliminate the condition in order to enter into the Kingdom of God. Grace does not carry out the term that everything is done by God and humans remain silent just like a puppet which does not need to comply with the work of His salvation. Those who don’t  do  the Father’s will means rejecting the salvation or not admitting  that Jesus Christ is God.

This is the mistake made by many christians who think that when talking about grace, it must all be about free things. They thought if it is not free then it is not a grace. Regarding to this issue, we should reformulate proplerly  the definition of grace. Put grace in its proper place. The failure in understanding grace means the failure to accept the true salvation. The grace herein reserves those who believe onto an expensive stake, for they must learn to do the Father’s  will just like Jesus did.  This  what faith is all about.

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