August 25: Not Automatically Saved

In the text of Ephesians 1:4, should not be construed that God determines people to be saved. As a result of that determination, no matter what, all the chosen people will surely go to heaven. If that so, God also lets other people to live in sin. This condition contradicts with the true sovereignty of God, because He … not willing any should perish (2Peter 3:9). God must act righteously. He makes efforts so that no one should perish, but in His sovereignty, He has already given a right to all of the people to determine their existence and fate. That’s why, every people have to be responsible for their existence in front of God. This freedom to choose has been described clearly since Adam and Eve’s moment, and also Cain and Abel’s moment (Genesis 4:1-7).

God in His absolute sovereignty determines and chooses specific people to become His children, those who live in Grace Era, healthy physical and spiritual, and also listen the Gospel correctly. These people are called the chosen one. This condition does not mean they automatically can surely be God’s children who will win like Lord Jesus has won. Lord Jesus has to struggle to win. He did not get in the sequence of play that the scenario had been made, but into the battle field between win and lose, success or failure. In fact, God chose to drink the cup of misery.

The word chosen in Ephesians 1:4, means was summoned to get a chance to be a person without blame. However, it does not mean they who are chosen to be summoned will automatically save or become first design who are holy and blameless. They have to struggle to be holy and blameless. The holiness in this text is not about grace but the result of struggle. This is called active sanctification. While, the forgiveness of sin by the sacrifice of Lord Jesus is passive sanctification, which means without human’s role. The impact of the sin that we had been done or will be done, has been bared in the cross. That’s grace. However, if human wants to become a person who is holy and blameless, they need to pursue it with supporting salvation tools which provided by God. The salvation tools are Holy Spirit, the Gospel, God’s cultivation through everything (Rome 8:28).

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