2015 January 24: Come to the Father

On John 14: 6 written “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me“. The word  “comes” in the original text is erchomai  (ἔρχομαι) which means more than just “come” even so accompany. It shows the meaning of “coming to Father” is togetherness in with Father in a beautiful unity. So, the meaning of “come” according to the real text can’t be assumed as simple as entering the heaven, because actually such expression has the wider interpretation. In fact, a lot of christians unfortunately has been trapped in the narrow interpretation because they so easily translate such phrase, meanwhile they still have an insufficient comprehension of what heaven is. The meaning “come to Father” can be understood correctly only if the believer has a comprehension that the salvation of Lord Jesus is not merely as the right to enter the heaven, but moreover, believers will be glorified with Jesus in His kingdom.1 It must be connected to the reality that heaven is also a living activity as on the earth: a government that regulates the human activity. Believers will not only become the citizens of Kingdom of Heaven but even become the dignitaries of Jesus Christ’s government. It is the reason of why Jesus stated that we will have seats with God in His glory. In connection with this projection, the process of advancement must be realised so that the believers will be like Lord Jesus Christ. This expression is correctly translated as put His life on in the daily life.2  Such process consists of the stages that leads believers in sharing His holiness3, because God wants believers lives in holiness as He does.4


Because of the salvation is purely God’s effort to bring the man back to God’s image, therefore the process can’t be done without Jesus. Hereby the reason that supports the statement; by putting the faith in Jesus then one will receive the authority as His children.5 and this relates to the ability to be the perfect one as Jesus.6 Being perfect is not an impossibility in believer’s life. Lord Jesus is the model of faith who leads believer’s faith to perfectness, because Lord Jesus is the only prototype of human whom God granted.7 One can’t absolutely have the salvation when he fails in finding the model as well as in its daily application.. It is given freely, but in the case of application, it needs the whole sacrifice. This means a believer must have personal capacity in adjusting himself with God which refers to the fellowship with God.


Jesus is the only One who can lead and train someone to be perfect by His words.8 because He did not just pass on His teaching only but moreover He gave Himself to the mankind. Through the process of discipleship, the Heavenly Father will discover the personality of His only Son within the believers later on the Day of Judgment, because only the ones who share the long-suffering life with Christ will be glorified with Jesus in His kingdom.9 The Gospel must transform someone, from sinner then take part in discipleship in order to be the holy one as Father, finally sharing the burden with Christ in ministry. And this conclude that it is  only Lord Jesus the way of salvation and no salvation besides Him

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