2015 January 23: The True Abundance

The abundant life which is promised by God in John 10:10 and 14:66 will be happened only in the life of someone who follows His path and understands the truth as well. In fact recently there is only a few who enjoy such life which means that the population of untruth ones must be bigger as the cause of inability in living based on the truth and misconception of the truth from God. This situation triggers Christians to conclude that christianity is similar to other faiths. Even so they have no curiosity in finding the truth seriously. The fact can be seen that they are satisfied with their biblical intelligence and the daily routine christian life. These people basically have not been comprehended and experienced the beauty of life taught by God. On contrary, unlike the christians from the early church era when christianity had appeared at the beginning, they risked their lives for the sake of faith in God. They have had the real comprehension of abundant life based on His direction, therefore they have no intention to swap it with anything. As the consequences, though they lost the richness, family and all sort of living enjoyment but the way of truth was still their only choice. This fact is supposed to be the testimony to us which reveal the comprehension of the glorious Gospel, because it actually contributes us a “version of life” that can’t be found in any other religion and wisdom.

In having such life, one has to decide to choose Jesus instead of the world. At the beginning time, disciples of Jesus were considered as the bizarre ones because of their decision of leaving the occupations, family and the bussiness for the sake of following a son of carpenter who declared Himself as the one sent by God. How brave they were in risking their lives for such person. They believed though they haven’t seen as well as experienced yet that there would be no other advantage but following the Master from Nazareth. In the end, it was proven that they have made the correct choice. They have met a true Person who awards the life. All sufferings of theirs then became no longer be reminded because of His presence as well as the glory of heaven covers their lives.

This is our concern of faith, as the path of life of His disciple that put the belief on Jesus is the best thing of life. Though ones have to face the present human’s life style that unlike the things He has taught, so the believers have to encourage themselves in following His path and lifestyle. His essence of life must be ours that there is no other happiness but in Him. The world with its belongings can never satisfy believer’s soul whilst if there was a satisfaction of the world in believer’s heart therefore that person is surely lost. Our only happiness is the fellowship with God that provides the abilities in understanding Him and living based on His will. It empowers the believer to have nothing of the secular enjoyment but “living in the fellowship with God.” It is actually the real abundant life. If one takes this model then it requires the honesty in living within such unity which certainly empowers him to live in purity and struggle to live in truth for the sake of God’s pleasure. As the time goes by, the royal character will be seen clearer in his daily attitude.

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