2015 January 2: Creating Beauty

The phrase “beautiful in its time” should not be understood whereas the beauty comes by its own according to the schedule.  As if the beauty comes solely by God’s grace without human responsibility at all.  In this case as if the Lord has determined the “momentum”.  There is an arrangement of God’s “time table” that is absolute; can not be changed.  If someone thinks that the beauty will be realized in accordance with God’s tight schedule and no one is able to postpone and cancel it, then God acts as an authoritarian and absolute way on top of His creation.  Everything is in God’s scenarios.  Man just accepts what has been prescribed in God’s absolute sovereignty.  In this case man solely becomes an object, without rights and obligations.  Humans are just waiting for the time when God extends the beauty.

The above concept puts man to merely accept what is prescribed for him including the time schedule.  It should not be so.  Our God is a God that gives free will to man.  A man can determine his own destiny, both including his temporary life while on earth as well as his eternal destiny.  Just like Adam determined his own destiny.  The fall of man into sin was certainly not of God’s scenario.  God gave man the freedom to determine the circumstances.  God did not prevent Eve when she plucked the fruit and gave it to her husband.  There was no beauty finally that came afterward but a curse.  They did not recognize the beauty that came in time because they had lost the beauty for good. 

A lazy student can not say about his study which will be “beautiful in its time”.  He will not experience the beauty till whenever. A person who does not maintain his lifestyle and good diet should not rightfully say “beautiful in its time” with respect to his physical health.  Next will be moments of pain and death.  Man in anyhow is subject to the law of sowing and reaping.  What man sows so shall he reaps.1  With regard to time or beautiful moment expected, man himself has a role in realizing the “momentum”.  So it is not definite and absolute God sets them.  In this case man is involved in determining his “destiny”.

With regard to the beauty conforming to the Lord Jesus, this can not happen by itself in a short time.  God Himself does not hold a “sleight of hand” to change His chosen people who love Him.  In the course of a long journey, a child of God who loves the Lord is incredibly processed through all events that God allows to happen.2  The changes can occur after a child of God receives the Father’s chastening in a long time.  For fathers on this earth chasten us in a short time as seemed best to us, but the Father in heaven disciplines the believers so that we may be partakers of His holiness.3 

“Beautiful in its time” means at the time after undergoing God’s shaping process, a man will be like the Lord Jesus, so he is worthy to be glorified together with the Lord Jesus.  Exalted with the Lord Jesus is the culmination of beauty in which believers witness the fulfillment of the Father’s plan that is to build the kingdom of His Only Begotten Son; where every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.4  In the end, beauty is the fruit of collaboration between human and the Holy Spirit that leads believers to all truth.  Establishment of God’s Kingdom also involves human part, when believers look for and hasten the coming of the day of God.5

1) Galatians 6: 7 2) Romans 8:28, 3) Hebrews 12: 9-10 4) Philippians 2: 9-11 5) 2 Peter 3: 9-12

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