August 2: Tremble on His Might

The trembling attitude of fear God done by Daniel and John shows how mighty God is.  Daniel fell and unconcious when he met a “divine” thing (Dan.8:18). John also experienced it when he was in Patmos island. He wrote,” And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead.” (Rev.1:17). God is the almighty God. Not only His power is great, but also His glory and person. If people talk about the almighty God, His might is measured by His power and abundant physical blessings. They don’t experience and understand the might of His person, plan and glory.


In general, people without realizing has not seen and treated God properly. They don’t love God appropriately. Why does this happen in someone’s life? Because they don’t strive to know God so their knowledge of God doesn’t grow. And it becomes worse if they have wrong knowledge about God and they are lost because of many preachers teach them wrongly.  Here we can see how a blind man leads another blind fellow. They don’t have understanding on true life values because what they learn is not true. They think that God is not so important. They cannot really experience God because the time, mind and strength are so limitedly provided by God. It is understandable if they don’t honor God properly. They are also very easily misled by those who make up stories or testimonies, get fantasy, and imagine about their supranatural experience with God. If someone knows God and experiences Him correctly, he will be able to discern the spirit. When someone testifies about God, his testimony can be detected whether it is really from God or not. God’s smartness, wisdom and glory is really uncomparable. He is a generous God but not a twopenny God.

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