18. The failed People

Christianity living noble is not because of becoming activist or becoming pastor, but always brings the death of Jesus in this body, in order to make the life of Jesus become real in this body. 1 This is what Paul meant with “The fellowship in His sufferings, being conformed to His death”.2 What did Paul mean here ? To answer it, it is necessary for us to check in detail the whole pericope of 2 Corinthians 4. This pericope talks about the struggle to put on the life as children of God in the middle of Corinthian society who were very sinful and infidel. The children of God had to own position or existence that was different from them who were not children of God.


Paul was active in service that was trusted by God to him.3 Paul’s life was entirely a fight for God’s work. His sacrifice was possession, soul until physical suffering. Those things will form a life style that was presented by the Lord Jesus. This is the profile of a person who has lost life, but gotten new one. This kind of life style,if developed continuously will reach quality of life “it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”.4 It is also what Colossians 3:1-4 means, that believers have died, their life is hidden with Christ in God. Until this level, someone can be called as having”new life” in God. They are the people who deserve to be called as the followers of Christ and deserve to be called as “Christians” which means Christ-like. This is in accordance with  what was written by Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:10,that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body


Thus, if the above thing happens, one can become an effective witness who can prove that the Lord Jesus is not a tale figure, that He is the Son of God who died and rose again, that He is alive and powerful who will be present as a King one day.  This kind of life is longed by God the Father so that someone deserves getting a certificate says : “This is my beloved son, in  whom I am well pleased”. In this case the salvation process must be done well. This experience can not be experienced by a person who does not experience new birth. The kind of life style is a life style of heavenly noble who can be asked to suffer together with the Lord Jesus. Of course only the people like this who can be glorified together with the Lord Jesus Christ.5 But, to reach this level someone must struggle unlimitedly hard struggle. It is impossible can be experienced  automatically or half done. This thing really depends on each individual. God gives salvation facility, it depends on each person whether use it or not.


To realize this extraordinary life someone must dare to leave normal live  pattern which owned by people in general. People in general are people who do not reach the standard of life management like what is wanted by God. They are classified as failed people. Failed here does not mean the people become savage like animals, but they are in condition become unlike what God the Father exactly wants them to be. The right or precise standard like what God wants is life that was presented by the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus’ life is the life in  unconditional obedience to God the Father, 6 perfect honour to Father in His deep affection to God the Father unlimitedly. Although someone’s status in a society is good , successful in study, career, economy, household and etc, but if they never wear the life spirit which is owned by the Lord Jesus, so they actually do not own the fragrance that pleases the heart of God.

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