17. Blessing the work of God

Believing in the Lord Jesus does not mean we can use God for our sake, but rather, we live for His sake. The consequence of accepting Jesus as kurios (God) means our life is confiscated to devote to Him. This truth only can be understood and worn for people who have been controlled by the love of Christ. 1 Christ has died for us. It has to be realized as deeply as that Christ died not for His benefit but for our sake. Without His death, we are jailed in the power of Devil and driven into eternal darkness. He came to set us free. The redemption caused us becoming the possession of God. 2 This ownership of God has to be realized so that we “understand our condition”. If we do not realize it, we never receive salvation to become ours. So, “saved” means becoming the possession which ruled by God. Not understanding this thing also means we do not understand the salvation principle. There has to be an owner of this life. The people who are saved ִmust present their whole life respectfully to God.

In Romans 12:1-2 Paul explains the meaning of devotion, that is to present bodies as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. It means trying to make our body beneficial for the life importance in accordance with aim of God and not using bodies in actions which break God’s Words. It is an obligation so that children of God improve working ability quality in trying to make all potency in them and learn Bible truth to understand how to use bodies in accordance with God’s Words.

Have we ever really dealt with God, that is, have we seriously devoted our life to God or not ? Becoming believers, becoming His children is not only to receive His blessing facility, but also to bless His work. We are called to suffer together with Him. 3 Paul is a person who really included in group of people who devoted life to God. This is what God wants, so that we have the same struggle with Paul. That kind of life which is said as “in line with Gospel”. 4 Gospel which possesses someone,will make him as the “fighter for Christ”. You have not been possessed true Gospel soul if you have not appeared as ” Christ fighter”. Gospel is like ferment. 5 Ferment is certainly to change. The changing is until radical level. This is what God hopes and wants that the truth of God makes us as the Gospel fighters, truth fighters, fighters for Christ. Otherwise, it means we accept false Gospel. No one who accepts true Gospel who does not become a fighter for Christ.

The Lord Jesus said : who does not gather with Him, he scatters. 6 It is a must to help (serve)God for His importance. In this thing, a mature Christian person has an opinion that he does not have right to demand God but God who has right to demand him. A mature Christian person does not involve God in his problems, but involves himself in problems of God. It must be realized that each person who has been redeemed, so his life is not for him himself but to live for Him who has died for him, that is to live for Jesus. 7 The Lord Jesus demands our confirmation, to whom we join with and for whom we live. The world is a reality that has to be faced seriously. We may not be unstable, because it is very dangerous. Many Christian people do not live seriously. They are like people who are sleeping. They are made by Devil to lose the true Christianity living aim. Therefore we must always keep watching and work for God with whole heart.

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