2014 December 16: Christian Faith becomes Vulnerable

Talking about the end time, people generally have tendency to give attention only to “the exact time” of God’s coming. No wonder if there are some people who try to prophesy the day of God’s coming or the end of the world. In fact, Lord Jesus has told us clearly that no one knows, when the day of God’s coming is. He will come like a thief at night. It is silly if there is someone who still tries counting the days of His coming. Therefore believers should refuse a person who shows them the coming day of God or the end of the world. It must be a misleading. If we talk about the end time, we must notice on the world situation of the end time, which makes the christian faith becoming fragile. When the Bible talks over the end time, it is not about the day, or the time of his coming, but “the situation” near His coming. The situation here means that by the coming of God, the world is brought to a very special situation. The very special situation here means the world and it’s situation is getting more evil. It gives dangerous influence to us, the believers.

The devil certainly knows that his adventure on the earth will be ended up by God, because the signs of the end time have become more obvious, such as : conficts among the nations or war, famines, earthquake and etc. Therefore the Devil tries to work hard at the remaining time to attract as many people as possible to follow him into the everlasting darkness or the eternal hell fire. That is why,  the world situation is getting more evil in the end time. It can not be separated from the devil who has done it very playfully and wickedly. Therefore Lord Jesus reminds us that the Devil prowls around like a lion and tries to devour whoever he can. The believers must resist him with a firm faith (1 Peter 5:8-9).

With such condition of the world,  the Christian faith becomes vulnerable. The believers must realize the danger. So, it is very reasonable if Peter recommends the believers to resist the Devil who prowls around like a lion with a firm faith. “Resist with a firm faith” in the original text is ho antistete stereoi te pistei(ᾧ ἀντίστητε στερεοὶ τῇ πίστει), which means attempting to refuse or resist the Devil must be very seriously done with all of our strength and capability. This writing of Peter shows that the Devil is not an easy enemy. Then Peter also says that all brothers throughout the world are also experiencing the same sufferings. The word suffering in 1 Peter 5:9 is pathema which means hurtful thing. In English translated suffering.

The world of the end time influences the believers constantly to become sinful. It really will influence badly to them who are not boldly refusing it firmly or resisting it. But if the believers resist with a firm faith, they will be the winners. God really wants us to be the winners, it means that in the midst of the dark world with wicked influences, believers must have a strong integrity, so that believers will not get influenced by the wicked world condition. Regarding to it, believers should not be a thermometer but thermostat. Believers must influence the world, not to get influenced

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