15. Main Package

Doing what God wants is a high quality life or eternal life. This is what taught by Jesus Christ towards the rich young man in Mathew 19:16-21. Not only doing laws, but also doing what God wants. In this passage, God showed what good is, that none is good, but God.1 People who has the highest life quality is those who do good things which what God wants. This is called as the main package that is specialized for the New Testament people. That is why the believer must continually experience the transformation of mindset to understand God’s will, which is good, pleasing, and perfect.2 For the Old Testament people or followers of common religions, their package is becoming good people by the measurement of doing laws. Good in Roman 12:2 is not the same as the one in James 4:17. The word “good” in James 4:17 refers to what good, pleasing, and perfect.

The Law has been given to man so he would not extinct. Man still can behave like human (though cannot reaching the holiness God wills), not to behave like beast. So, Torah makes man not losing its humanity at all. Man is still able to behave in human measurement. Yet human cannot do what God wills, because human without the truth of Good News, which enlightens the spirit, cannot understand God’s will. The salvation in Jesus Christ guides human into the existence or ability to understand and do God’s will. If not, it is not the way of salvation Jesus teaches us. Remember that the ministry of God’s work is to teach man to learn from the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ. Not to be someone’s disciple, but God’s disciple.3 This means that people who is touched by our ministry must be able to find God personally and learn from Him. This is the price that must be paid by each believer.

The believer is called to please God’s heart in every matter. This refers to whether we eat or drink or do anything else, all must be done for the glory of God. This is the life level  shown by Jesus Christ when He was in earth. We must reach this level through a long and heavy struggle during our life in this world. So, this is only thing to reach   for the believers while living in this world, Lord Jesus Christ refers this as storing wealth in Heaven. If someone has different life focus, then he never understands the meaning of seeking the kingdom of God. It also means one does not experience the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. The Bible refers this as ignoring a great salvation.4 Regarding to this, we must choose one of two choices, directing life totally unto the kingdom of God or not at all.

The problem is how we are able to have the lifestyle of laying up wealth in Heaven. The first, theoretically we understand the truth concerning to this. It is still in cognitive understanding or logical knowledge. Surely the truth about this must be possessed completely or adequately, for example why God created human, this life is short, life journey in this world is to prepare entering the new heaven new earth, etc. Secondly, with consciousness and willingness we accept these truths and willing to learn and apply it into our daily life. We must seriously apply those truths in the real life practice. Daily life journey must be accepted as the school of life do whatever Father wills.

1)Matthew 19:17; Mark 10:18; 2) Romans 12:2; 3) Matthew 28:18-20; 4) Hebrews 2:3

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