14. Correcting

.The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord, that sheds light on one’s inmost being1, meaning that the human spirit could be God’s voice. The word sheds light is chapas  (חָפַשׂ) in its original text. This word has the same meaning with “to look carefully to find out something”. Meanwhile the word of inmost means the deepest room   (Hebrew. cal khetther betenכָּל־חַדְרֵי־בָֽטֶן), In English, it is translated as the inward parts of the belly or womb. It shows about the deepest room in human’s heart. Sheds light on one’s inmost being means God who will correct our conscience which in the neshamah and cleanse our conscience from anything inappropriate in the soul and personality of God’s children. They who are corrected by God is they who open themselves to God in order to experience a perfect growth as Christ. People who truly give a special attention to this thing will be able to listen to God’s voice when they are correcting themselves.

The long journey of life of a human being, makes his soul has been receiving a lot of things through what heard and seen. This creates a life philosophy. Permanent or semi permanent life philosophy is kept in his conscience. As he grows older, it makes philosophy stronger by what he absorbs through his eyes and ears. If he receives bad things, the philosophy will be not good too, but if he receives good things,  his conscience will be good. This conscience which then controls all things of the human being’s life. Everything that somebody does is based on the understanding and standard moral which is kept in his conscience. So, the conscience becomes dominant that influences and encourages someone to do everything. Moreover, someone’s attitude is the expression of his conscience.  The better conscience he has; it will express a high quality of goodness. The word of God said: Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?

When someone grows to know the truth appropriately or in a certain level and has a strong willingness to do God’s will, he can listen to the voice inside him through his conscience while in the process of doing God’s will. That is the voice of God. That voice will be so friendly and united in him and aimed into God’s perfect will, so that somebody will able to detect if there is a voice against truth easily. If someone does not understand the truth properly, he will not able to listen to God’s voice but the other voice. In his foolishness, he assumes that that voice is not against the holiness of God.  That voice does not match the truth and drives believers to the life which is getting farer from perfection.

Someone’s conscience is the ego of himself. That’s the true him. That’s the end result of life. If the Bible said that each person must all appear before the judgment seat of the Lord 3 ,it means that the ego condition which will be marked. Just like a vessel, that is the result from the making of it. The quality of conscience is the extraction or map of all of his life while he lived in this world. All of wrongdoings considered done in the cross, but the ending result which is conscience’s condition that matters before God. That’s why we have to struggle to dress up our spiritual man,which is the conscience.

Proverbs 20:27;  2). Luke 6:45; James 3:11;   3). Romans 14:12;  2 Cor.5:9-10

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