2014 December 14: Become God’s Children

If  God makes someone exist or create an individual, it means God wants to have a child who is willing to serve the Father and has a relationship with Him. God could create a creature that can be programmed to obey only without making mistake or sin. However, this is not what God wants. This obedience is not a proportional and natural. Unworthy one and cannot be classified as an obedience. God created man by giving him breathe, in order to create a mankind as a living creature. Living in freedom which is able to obey God as his Father and serve with loyalty or choose his own way by betraying Him. 

There is a big possibility that God also created Lucifer and angels the same as His own image. Lucifer and the angels also have spirit from God to become children who submit to the Father of spirit and live (Hebrews 12:9). God gives free will to them. In Ezekiel 28:12, it is written: This is what the Sovereign Lord said, “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” With Lucifer’s freedom, he also has a possibility to bent down as an obedient child or betray to Father. It could be considered that the fallen angels are programmed to be children of God by willingly serve to Father, but there is an angel who rebels against God. In Job 4:18, it is found that there was an error angel. (if God places no trust in His servants, if He charges His angels with deceitfulness). In the original text, which is Hebrews, the word “error” is a translation from the word toholah (תָּהלֳהָ) which means folly or foolish.

In New International Version of Bible, that word means error. Based on the Bible original text, if we translate it freely, Job 4:18 means He placed His angels with error and fool. With this analysis, we can understand why one of the Bible versions said “and his angels charged wit folly.” By this explanation, it is showed that Lucifer and angels are individuals not just an active power, but individuals that freely make decisions. An individual who is able to take any decision of his desire. In the history of Heaven, there is Lucifer who rebels towards God and then failed to become His child.

Adam should be the first mankind prototype who was eligible to be called as a child of God, but Adam failed and so did all of his descendants. If the first mankind was able to be a child of God based on His pattern, all of his descendants would also be children of God. Because Adam failed, so God sent His only son, Jesus Christ to be Father’s role model. He is the first-born among others. The available salvation is God’s effort to return mankind back to His original plans, which is in order to be children of God (John 1:11-12). So if we want to receive the salvation from Lord Jesus, we give ourselves to be His children. We are not just called to be a religious man who understand the laws and apply them in our life. But we are called as an individual with high awareness that we live in this universe where there is an active Ruler and we have to bend down before Him without no conditions.

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