2015 January 13: THE DESIRED FRUIT

Being fruitful that God wants us to be is not just getting people to go to church or getting them to be the members of the church, but it means that we have to influence the people surround us and guide them through so they could have the characteristics of Lord Jesus. The point of having a ministry is to help the people to be men of God who have God’s conscience, otherwise the ministry would just be a fraud and misleading. In a ministry, the church must teach the original Words. It is the original teaching taught by Lord Jesus.  And then the activists in the church must meet the standard level of holiness in Lord Jesus so that they become the role model for the congregations.  A strong message conveyed by the speaker on the platform is not measured by his ability to preach but it is measured by the way he conducts his life on the daily basis.  There is a ripple effect here. The speaker conducts are transferred  to the activists and the activists’ conducts are transferred to the congregations.  The activists should act as the salt of the earth and the congregations must be able to taste it. By doing it, the people will come to church not to see an admired individual but to see the life which imparts the life of Christ.


We all have the duties to help people receive salvation. So it is not only the duties of the churches and the activists and the spiritual leaders.  It is the calling for all the believers. We are called to be fruitful. It is the mission that the Father has for each of us. We have to accomplish it. Those refusing the mission is also refusing to receive the salvation in Lord Jesus Christ.  We are the wild branches planted in the stem of the tree. If God did not spare the natural branches, which are the Israelites, nor does He do to us, the wild branches.  In Rome 11:21-22 , Peter said “ For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either. Consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God; sternness to whose who fell, but kindness to you provided that you continue in His kindness. Otherwise, you will be cut off”.1 Paul’s statement here in Rome 11: 21-22 is reinforced by Jesus in Yoh 15: 1-2 , “ I am the true Vine, and my Father is the Gardener. He cuts off every branches in Me that bears no fruit, while every branches that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful”.2  Now it is very obvious that believers have to be fruitful or else be cut off from the vine.

Ironically nowadays, many Christians are not fruitful at all. They are not able to impart the life of Lord Jesus to others because they also fall short in achieving the living standard that God has established  as the children of God.  Yet they do not feel the least obligated to change let alone take up Lord Jesus’s life as their armor. Pathetically they still think they have the right to claim the blessing from God.  They obviously do not have the slightest understanding of their calling to be fruitful. They are the barren Christians who never suffer with the Lord.  The particular mission in converting men to be men of God, it is very costly.  It cost you to surrender your whole life wholeheartedly to God. You must be willing to give up the pleasures in life and  making only God as your satisfaction. Satisfying God by always conducting your life to please Him. Then you will be able to impart the life as defined by His standard.  In the end, every believer must be able to convert others and guide them through to reach perfection in God.  The accomplishment of the mission will motivate us as the children of God to be perfect.  Guiding the converted to the Truth will also motivate ourselves to attain the truth as the way of life desired by God.

1) Rom. 11:21-22 , 2) John 15:1-7   

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