2014 December 13: The Right of Life

People who think that God doesn’t have a right to their life will appear in their attitude which has a desire about everything for their own satisfaction (James 4:1-4). These people become a partner of the world. They are people who betray God. The world is a bait that used by devil to deceive man in order not to serve God (Luke 4:5-8). The fact is many people think they have a right to have their own life and put every desire in themselves without noticing God who is the owner of this life.

One thing man often forgets is the reality that we come from extinction. And God exists it by presenting an individual which is “us”. This should always be remembered that we exist from extinction (creation ex nihilo). With this, we understand that we don’t have any right to have the right of life. Our life that we have is God’s who makes it exist. If we truly comprehend this, it is absolutely not hard for us to live in His will and plans. Next, in each creation of us, God has an agenda for sure. We have to pay attention to God’s agenda seriously and we cannot have our own agenda. People who boast their desires are people who think that they have a right to have their own agenda. These men are rebellious men.            Living in this world is only fulfilled by activities which come from their own agendas.

We must realize that we don’t have any right to exist. If we could make ourselves exist, we had a right to own our desires freely, however we cannot do that. God who made it exist, so God is the One who has the right of our life completely. We must bravely and affirmatively say: God doesn’t exist for me, I exist for the Lord. A true believer will attempt to learn not to own any desire. His desire should be appropriate with Father’s will. A true believer will say: Not my will but Yours be done. Not my kingdom, but Your Kingdom comes. Your will be done in the Earth as it is in Heaven.

Man who has been redeemed by the blood of Christ doesn’t have any right to have spirit or desire, except a spirit or desire that Jesus Christ has. Our body should be a body moved by Jesus Christ’s spirit or desire (Galatians 2:19-20). If we are presenting God’s spirit in ours which is absorbing His spirit of life, it means that we presenting Him in our life. In the other hand, if we don’t do that, we don’t consider Him exist. We eliminate Him in this life. That’s why for people who really want to serve God’s will, God is so real for them (Gal.2:19-20), however for them who don’t want to serve His will, God seems like never exist

Jesus has ever been tempted by Satan in order to have wrong spirit which is the world spirit. Satan showed Him the beauty of the world to trap Jesus. Jesus was tempted to have desire about the world’s beauty, but Jesus refused it. This refusal means He doesn’t want to worship Satan. Just like as He has won over the temptation, we should also win. That’s why Jesus Christ is the source salvation for us (Hebrews 5:7-9). In this case, we understand why we must have Christ Jesus’ mindset. Having His mindset means that we live in His desire.

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