2014 October 11: Same Character, Suffer Together

A person, who can enjoy togetherness with God, is the person who does not want this world anymore. His food and blessing is only to do the Father’s wills and finish His work. This is Lord Jesus’ principle during His lifetime in this world with physical body like human being (Mat 4:34). People who have the principle like Lord Jesus are those who have togetherness with God. They are together with God not only in good condition, but also in bad condition. Lord Jesus conveyed that His disciples are the people who have stood by Him in His temptation (Luk 22:28). This is what Paul means as living in the fellowship of Lord Jesus’ sufferings, where someone is being made conformable unto His death (Phil 3:10). How great the quality of the believers life is if they reach up to this level. In the Word of God, these people are called as “suffering with Him” so that they might be glorified together with God (Rom 8:17).

In order to be able to suffer with God, someone does not only need courage to suffer physically like the era of Crusade, but firstly and most important thing is to have the same character as Lord Jesus. Actually, Lord Jesus does not need a person who is brave enough to die as a martyr like jihad. However, God wants someone who learns the truth, becomes smart, wise, and holy like Lord Jesus in everything. These are the people who do God’s wills in all their life. Having a personality and character as Lord Jesus is the main and important thing. This is the purpose of the salvation. Then, we may experience everything only for God sake. In this matter, God does not want someone to act alone without togetherness and fellowship with God. A ministry which is done without fellowship with God will create various “church projects” that do not come from God’s heart. These kind of project are full of personal advantages which only for satisfying themselves. Normally, people who did these things will be proud of the achievement in a ministry for God. They are not truly servants of God.

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