11. Think as God Thinks

Lord Jesus was explaining to his disciples that He had to go to Jerusalem to be crucified on the cross when Peter, who represented the disciples, rebuked Him.1 The reprehension by the disciples clearly was a spontaneous reaction to Lord’s Jesus statement. They claimed that Jesus was mistaken about His death. His statement – which states that the noble plan for the human salvation – was regarded as a mistake by the disciples.  They did not agree with Him and refused the death scenario that Lord Jesus had laid on them. In their mind God ( Yahweh ) would give to them a savior who could lead them to the prosperity golden era, just as it was during the era of King David and King Solomon. They “ did not want to die , and yet they wanted to live “.  The fact is that to follow Lord Jesus means following Him into His death.

The disciples’ mindset contradicted with what was in Lord Jesus’s mind.  It seemed there was an underlying motive when Peter rebuked Lord Jesus.  They “extolled Him” so they could achieve what they had dreamt of.  Their action proved that they were not following Him to be the fishers of men, they wanted Him to be the world fisher for them. Pathetically that what happens to Christians nowadays.  They are being taught by the speakers on the church pulpit to have this concept in mind.  Those speakers are not teaching the Words of God. They are teaching the word of men.  The teaching of the Gospel that is not guided by the rules of the Gospel interpretation and  the Holy Spirits is not the teaching of the Words of God. It is the teaching of the words of men.

When Lord Jesus rebuked Peter : “ Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.” Of course here He was not referring Peter as the satan. He was talking about what in Peter’s mind was.  Peter’s mind was clouded by satan so that what he believed as truth was actually factitious, created by the satan.  In this case it is absolute for the children of God who have received the calling to have the mind of God in their mind.  The mind that does not come from God is from satan.  The mind of the satan is the stumbling block that ruins God’s plan in His chosen people.  Actually those people who teach the fictitious gospel are not generally evil. They do that out of their ignorance. The ignorance of the truth.  It happens because their worldly mind’s dominance is so strong that they could hardly recognize the Lord Jesus’s Spirit nor the pure Spirit of the Gospel.  The gospels taught by them mislead the believers to live in the comfort as the world defines.

The devil uses all kind of ways and media to conquer the minds of the disciples till they could not differentiate which are the minds of God and which are of the devil.  It is like chemistry.  All the different kinds of chemicals are formulated in one big glass jar,  and that would be our mind.  The formula is the mindset. It is composed of many different elements.  In  reality the mindset or the way we think is based on the various kind of thinking accumulated over a period of time, and  the misconception of viewing life as something pleasurable also contributes to the factor. It would require a certain period of time to change the “ formula”.  It is like the process of releasing the tangled threads in your hand. The Gospel functions as a neutralizing chemical , even eliminates the old formula and thus creating the new one.  The new formula directs  our life, to have values in our life,  and  to know  what is worthy and what is not.  What a pity though, because of our foolishness we cannot differentiate between value and price. What is viewed as valuable by the world is actually of no value. Only the Gospel can help to open up our heart and enlighten us.

1). Matthew 16:21-23;   2). Philippians 3: 10-11

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