2014 October 10: Enjoying Pleasure Together

The Word of God says a person who is joined unto the Lord, will become one spirit as Him (1 Cor. 6:27). The word “joined” in the original text is kollomenos (κολλώμενος), from the root of word kolao. This word means to unite or united together, being familiar and close (join closely together). Actually, the context of this verse is when a person having intercourse with a prostitute, they will become one flesh. This matter shows when someone enjoys togetherness in a pleasure, so they become one spirit with a person to whom he enjoys the pleasure with. Likewise, if we enjoy the pleasure in togetherness with God, so we will become one spirit with Him. Being one spirit, in this case, means become one enthusiasm, or one desire. All this time, there are many Christian people enjoy all the pleasure in life which is provided by world with all facilities, just like other people have done. They feel entitled to have such a lifestyle like that. For those things, they pray so that God gives what they see as needs to make them happy. In this case, the purpose of having religion and God is only for having a shelter or a place to rely on and receive everything that seen as needs. The most important thing for them is they do not come and see shaman, and if they are already involving God in all life problem, meaning they have already done something that makes God happy.

The mistake of most of people is they never question themselves, whether the pleasure that they enjoy, has also been enjoyed by God. They do not care whether God is being pleased by the things that they assume as needs to enjoy the pleasure of life. Why this thing can happen? It is because they see God does not have interest. By thinking that way, they will never question what God’s will is in this life. They think God is only concerned that the congregation do His laws. By doing His laws, then church congregation can be blessed and enjoy life normally. In this matter, God has been considered as an individual who is not always together with believers in all activities and plans. However, God actually wants His children to be involved, so that they can be glorified together with Lord Jesus in His Kingdom. This is the real purpose of the salvation.

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