2014 October 1: True Worship

In Greek language, the word “worship” is Proskuneo (προσκυνέω), which in the simple meaning means is bow down; however, in the wide meaning, it means giving high value. It is the same as the highest award or giving honor. The word proskuneo also means “to kiss the the hand”. Those meaning of proskuneo have close relation to each other. Someone will submit to an object that he gives high value. If the object is a person, he will give kiss that person’s hand as a sign of honoring him. The word proskuneo can be found in Luke 4:8, when Lord Jesus facing the devil who tempted Him. The devil will give Lord Jesus the world’s glory if He wanted to bow down before him. The desire of devil to be worshipped by Lord Jesus has revealed what said by Isaiah in Isaiah 14:13-14, about a creature who used to be great, heyllel ben shachar (חַרל בֶּן־שָׁהֵילֵ). This rebelious creature wanted to have a throne and wanted to be same as the Most High. Basically, he denied himself as a created creature who had to obey and honor the true Creating God. He actually should accept, that whatever great he is, he is still a created creature, and must put himself proportionally. The characteristics of a creature who has put himself properly is by  becoming true God’s worshipper.

Giving a high value shows the attitude of heart or inner being. Not the physical or visible traits. If the inner attitude is true, the physical will also express it, but the physical trait does not guarantee the inner attitude, because man is very smart manipulating situation and becomes hyprocite. Do not let Christians under the bondage of foolishness, where they feel they have respected or honored God by expressing it through praise and worship in churc; while in the daily life, they do not have appropriate honoring attitude to God.  Through pondering, word and deeds in the daily life, one can show his appreciation to God. This is the same as worshipping God. But in fact today, many people, basically, don’t worship God. This is caused by followin the devil’s desire that is worshipping him by having desire to possess the pleasure of this world. Wanting the world means enmity against God.

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