2015 January 1: Beautiful in Its Time

The phrase “beautiful in its time” is popular among Christians, it becomes the substance for discussions, sermons and song lyrics.  But many people misunderstand that sentence.  The phrase should be understood properly, because the perception of it is not simple.  The main thing to take into account is what the beauty is and what the dimension is of that beauty?  The word “beautiful” means to be in a comfortable state, enjoyment and pleasure being noticed and felt.  In this context, “beautiful in its time” means at a particular time a person will experience a wonderful condition or a state of enjoyment. It is understandable that this phrase becomes popular, because many people dream of those circumstances. The phrase becomes popular in Christian environment because it is also driven by a misconception that craves the world as a “paradise”. They perceive the future which is full of hope and wonderful moments as the era and the time on this earth. This is wrong.

What is the dimension of that beauty? Dimension of the beauty must be from God’s perspective. It is because what is wonderful for a person is not necessarily beautiful in God’s eyes. Sinful humans are those with dark inner-selves that are unable to perceive what is beautiful according to God. The Lord Jesus said: The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.  But if you eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.  If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.1 To discover what is beautiful, a person must learn the truth so that his intuition unlocks and then he understands it.  The beauty is God Himself and everything that is meaningful for God or for the glory of God. Therefore, everything that believers do and all means must be spent for God.2 If a beauty is understood merely as a good state in which humans acquire physical fulfillment then the appreciation of the “beauty” does not conform to God.  People whose minds are usually focused upon fulfillment of physical needs are those who are selfish and earthly.  This is what Paul meant by those whose minds were solely directed to earthly things.3  They do not serve the Lord but themselves, dealing with God even to take advantage of God for their own fondness.  It means that God has been employed as an instrument to serve own selves.  People like this will have never acknowledged the true beauty of life.

Many Christians who are looking forward to a moment of “beautiful in its time”, waiting merely for the Lord to meet all their physical needs, a state of enjoyment away from threat and hoping easily enter the heaven.  They do not understand appropriately that everything that happens including unfavorable circumstance, brings good to “be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus”.4  To understand correctly means to know the purpose of God changing his personality into the likeness of God.  That’s the beauty.  So, although there is no fulfillment of physical needs, as long as the process of growing into the likeness of Christ takes place, it should be no problem at all.  This means rather than just choosing a marriage partner, success in career, success in business and everything good related to life on this earth, becoming more into the image of the Lord Jesus is the foremost affair in life.  God is the source of all beauty.  So it is beautiful if a person becomes like God and be useful for His glory.  It is parallel to the affirmation from the Lord Jesus that nothing is good ­­­besides God.5  If someone recognizes such beauty and strives to achieve it, it means he follows the Lord Jesus correctly, as a result his conscience and lifestyle is the resemblance to the Lord Jesus.6  This is the only purpose of the believers’ life.

1) Matthew 6: 22-23 2) 1 Corinthians 10:31 3) Philippians 3:19 4) Romans 8: 28-29 5) Matthew 19:17; 6) Philippians 2: 5-7

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